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Meryl Ruth

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Meryl Ruth - Cumberland, Maine, USA. Ceramic and textile artist.

Meryl Ruth – Cumberland, Maine, USA


I am a fiber and a ceramic artist. I create one of a kind ceramic teapots, art quilts and unique hand sewn fiber teapots. Often my interest in one medium translates into the other. For instance, I create faux fabric out of clay and I also sew authentic fabric costumes on ceramic animals.

I use a variety of techniques, some derived from very old ones that I have modernized or that I’ve completely changed. Examples are lace draping and silk-screening on clay – anything, everything to develop an idea. I like to “play” with medium and worry less about productivity. Discovery, surprise, delight, beauty: these are my goals. I want you to fall in love with what I am making!

I went to Rhode Island School of Design as well as Boston University and Leslie College. I have been a practicing artist for over thirty years. I have exhibited nationally and internationally and have won several awards for my art work. Please view my extensive website at www.merylruth.com

You can purchase work through my website, request a commission or take a class from me.

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