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Michele Soares - Painter, Weaver, Textile Designer - South Dartmouth, MA, USA

Michele Soares – Painter, Weaver, Textile Designer – South Dartmouth, MA, USA





My name is Michele Soares and I’m a Painter, Weaver and Textile Designer. My work features many traditional textile techniques with a modern twist through hand weaving, screen printing, free form hand painting, hand dyeing with indigo, bleach and water based dyes. I offer a variety of goods ranging from handwoven scarves, home textiles, pillows, bags, jewelry, wall art and fashion in my shop on Etsy.

I enjoy exploring bold colors, patterns and textures. I create from a place of inspiration, surrendering to an inner knowing which guides me to my purest form of expression. I live my life for making art and creating beautiful things and could not imagine it any other way. I have this intense urge to always create. It is a feeling I can not ignore. Art is my life. Life is art.

I’m a graduate from the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in the year 2000 with a bachelor’s degree in Textiles and Fiber Arts, and currently work in the Boston area as a woven Jacquard Textile Designer for the decorative home furnishings market. I also participate in several fine art shows throughout the year.

My work has been featured in Apartment Therapy, Better Homes and Gardens Style Spotters, Landlocked: A fishing Documentary Of The Fresh Water Striped Bass, Locally Known.net/ South Coast Magazine (Featured Artist/ Article) and The Fall River Herald News ( Featured Artist/ Article). Awards: The Little Compton Summer Art Show: The Molly Luce Burroughs Award of Excellence (Mixed Media Painting “Silent Desperation”) , Narrows Center For The Arts: 3rd place award (mixed media painting “Forgotten”).


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