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mm handwovens

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Margery Meyers Haber of mm handwovens

Margery Meyers Haber of mm handwovens








I can often be found in a quiet corner of a cafe, spinning yarn on a drop spindle. It’s a way of allowing my mind to wander, but it also helps me to achieve clarity and stay productive at the same time. In the end, I have the most wonderful yarn stash ready for use at the loom (a cherished gift from my mother) or for knitting. (I also do some wheel spinning, but only when I can snatch my dear husband’s favorite chair away from him.)

When I was a child, my favorite toy was a keychain containing Formica samples (my Dad was in the lumber and supply business). I could spend hours gazing at the colors and tracing the figure variations in each chip. I get the same thrill now, when I have fiber or yarns to play with.

Color, pattern and texture–and their interplay–intrigue me. I weave and knit slowly, savoring every part of the design process. In addition to making my own yarns, this includes adding “eccentric threads” and other surprise elements to each piece. My textiles are a little bit quirky and deliberately special. The plied fringes I like to make are twisted by hand, a minimum of 100 times each, for a nice, secure finish. When I create cloth, every bit of yarn or thread has traveled through my hands–and been loved–many, many times!

My favorite materials are silk, wool and luxury fibers.

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