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Michelle Jose of MOLICAAustralia

Michelle Jose of MOLICAAustralia





I have been working with 100% Wool Felt and Fleece since 2005. I love the colours and textures of these mediums, and I have found that most people, adults and children alike, are instantly attracted to them.

My work is a mixture of sewn and needle felted pieces, sometimes combining the two. Some pieces are adapted from pattern books, some are my own patterns. My needle felting sculptures come from a range of inspirations and imagination, all original works.

I have a background in early childhood education and working with vulnerable families with parenting skills. I wanted to do something that combined my Early Childhood knowledge around children’s play and development and supporting more environmentally ways of living with my creative pursuits. So there the idea of beginning a home business began.

My business name ‘MOLICA’ is a combination of my daughter’s names (Molly and Jessica), which I thought was appropriate as my original interest in Natural Fibre Art was all about them. Jessica and Molly are now both budding artists and do some amazing work.

Wool Felt and fleece are wonderful mediums for making toys for children. My work is made with the intention of inspiring creativity and imaginative play, whilst also reducing our environmental footprint.

My business has expanded to include special gifts for all age groups as I responded to requests for work including Wedding pieces, special gifts and ornamental pieces.

Currently studying a Bachelor in Applied Social Sciences (Counselling),my long term goals are to make a difference in community by empowering others, combining writing, knowledge of early childhood development and human services and art/craft work.



I am inspired by nature and motivated by the pleasure this work brings to me and to those who receive a unique gift hand made with care and creativity. My work celebrates nature, living simply and having reverence for beautiful handmade creations and artistic work.

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    I love your wee beasties… they are a delight!

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