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Morna Crites-Moore of Wicked Waif

Morna Crites-Moore of Wicked Waif


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There is a soft spot in me for old and worn items, especially textiles. I find great pleasure in recycling abandoned articles of clothing into new works of art.

My household motto, passed down from my grandmother, through my mother, and now from me to my daughter, is “waste not, want not.” I find it very difficult to throw anything away because I can conjure a potential use for almost any object. As you might imagine, this can lead to a certain amount of …. messiness!

My studio overflows with textiles and all manner of interesting objects; it can be overwhelming at times to have so much in the way of raw materials. Nonetheless, when I am in my messy studio, I am quite happily in my element.



My deep desire is to make things which provide lasting pleasure to those who behold them.


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    I love your work. I have hoards of old textiles but am never quite sure what to make with them. I have made some wall hangings that I like but your work is mind boggling!

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