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Ms. Emma Designs

Ms. Emma Designs
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Sofia Verna of Ms Emma Designs - Valtopina, Perugia, Italy

Sofia Verna of Ms Emma Designs – Valtopina, Perugia, Italy


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I am Sofia Verna, clothing designer and textile artist, creating  wall hangings and  high quality clothing using unique textiles. Ms. Emma Designs was started by me in 1973 in Toronto, Canada. It was an alternative clothing shop reacting to mass produced fashions. At one point the company had expanded to 10 locations. We were an integrated, vertical company from the design, manufacture and retail aspects. Now I work on my own and my designs are original as I handpaint, patchwork, felt and then combine them in various ways. Every piece is  an exploration!

I wish to share my work with you, offering these one of a kinds  through my  website:  www.msemmadesigns.org

In the 90’s I fell in love with the arts and artisanship of Italy, and in 1998 I moved to Umbria near Assisi, where I live and work now. All pieces are made by me and sent from Italy.

I have become interested in ecologically sustainable clothing, recycling and remaking vintage pieces  into something new and useful, giving  great  textiles a new lease on life.

Life  has been an interesting journey! I do volunteer work, teaching sewing, patchwork, quilting and English to different groups.

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