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Cathy Sutton - Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba, Canada

Cathy Sutton – Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba, Canada







I’ve been making things for what seems like my whole life. I’m Cathy Sutton and NepentheStudio is my cosy little studio. I’m an artist located at Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba, Canada.I became a felter about five years ago. My passion is wet felting: sculpting women’s winter hats, mittens, crazy creatures, and all things felt. I have a page on my website with available work and you can contact me there, too.  My work is available for sale or ogling at various shows and sales, also announced on my website:  www.nepenthestudio.com.  I share a pop-up shop with two other artists during the holidays:  We Three Art.

I offer felting classes of all sorts: mittens, hats, critters, felted jewellery, and wall hangings. If you’re in the area, I’d love to see you join a class.

I am also a goldsmith/jeweller.  I design and create silver, gold, and brass jewellery for extraordinary women; women who want their jewellery to announce their style.

My Art practice began with glass bead making in 2005. Before I knew it, I was teaching Lamp Worked Beadmaking at Prairie Studio Glass as well as ordering sterling sheet and wire to use with these little individual works of art. My training consisted of courses and workshops locally and away, thanks to the Manitoba arts grants I received. The genie was out of the bottle!

Wet felting hit me like a ton of fluff! I came across some images of felted work and I was in love. Things progressed quickly. I still make the jewellery I’ve always been fascinated with and love, but now have included my sometimes odd and over-the-top wool felted winter hats, mittens and sculptures of wild and strange critters.  Life is good!



Cathy Sutton - Oops

Cathy Sutton – Oops!

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