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Nicky Perryman Textile Artist

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Nicky Perryman Textile Artist

Nicky Perryman Textile Artist


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Hey! I’m a textile artist based in the UK. I like playing around with fabric paint, stitching both hand and machine embroidery and I have far too many sequins.

I’m inspired by nature, its mysteries, subtleties, delights and complexities. The outer natural world has its counterpart in the inner spiritual world and I am also inspired by folklore, poetry, fairytales, stories of long ago when the spirits of nature seemed less shy than they do today, as well as my own shamanic journeys into the dreamland.

I want to explore embroidery as much as I can, combining traditional hand stitching, machine embroidery (especially free motion) and cutting edge digitized embroidery.



I have been working as a freelance textile artist since 1988 when I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University, United Kingdom with a BA(hons) degree in embroidery. I have completed many private commissions, designed greeting cards for Decorum and Paper Rose, and exhibited and sold work in numerous shows. In addition to the United Kingdom I have sold work to customers as far apart as Canada, Qatar and Australia. I have also worked in the bridal-wear manufacturing and commercial embroidery industries, lectured in textiles at North East Worcestershire College and held workshops in silk painting and embroidery.

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