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Norma Schlager

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Norma Schlager - Danbury, Connecticut,  USA

Norma Schlager – Danbury, Connecticut, USA


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I am an art quilter who has always been happiest when creating something. I started as a traditional quilter and have made many bed quilts and baby quilts and even taught at local quilt shops and through the adult ed programs. But, there came a time when I no longer wanted to follow a pattern. Now all of my wall hangings are my original composition, mostly using my own hand dyed fabrics. My designs are intuitive and my finished quilts are often different than what I first had in mind.

My quilts are mostly abstract, often using wiggly or “wonky piecing” with vivid colors and high contrast. I occasionally add fused raw edge applique and the icing on the cake is the extensive free motion machine quilting that I love to do. I draw my inspiration from many places, such as nature, travel, architecture or just the pure love of color. My quilts are usually distinguished by their use of saturated hues and vivid contrast. Most of my work features my hand dyed fabrics and extensive free motion machine quilting.

I have had fun exploring different concentrations and combinations of color when dyeing my fabric and often this leads to a series. Crisp piecing, sometimes combined with fused appliqué, gives another dimension to my work.

My award winning work has been exhibited in numerous shows and exhibits, nationally and internationally, and I have been published in many books and magazines.


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    Love your technique…! My favourite is the cabbage head – love the subtlety of the colours….

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    Your work is stunning. Thank you for sharing.

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