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Oaxaca Cultural Navigator

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Norma Hawthorne of Oaxaca Cultural Navigator

Norma Hawthorne of Oaxaca Cultural Navigator








We are committed to creating extraordinary learning adventures for inquisitive people who want to explore the environment and what they are personally capable of creating. We develop programs that are stimulating, fun, educational, and leave a small footprint. We have offered educational programs in Oaxaca, Mexico, since 2006.

We believe by connecting you with Mexico through the arts, you will have a greater appreciation for her people and the culture. Our goal is to give you a memorable, satisfying and authentic experience.

We specialize in textiles, fiber arts, weaving and natural dyeing techniques using organic plant materials.



What we stand for:

  • Understanding and respecting indigenous culture + traditions Supporting craftsmanship, folk and fine art
  • Nurturing local women and youth by awarding workshop scholarships
  • Creating cross-cultural understanding
  • Delivering responsible, culturally sensitive educational programs
  • Practicing socially committed and culturally competent tourism


What we offer:

  • Immersion experiences to connect with local individuals and families
  • Small groups of no more than 10 participants
  • Hands-on learning for creative development
  • Expert instructors with teaching and technical acumen
  • Strong infrastructure with on-site management
  • Detailed pre-workshop information
  • Attentive service to advise you on travel arrangements and answer your questions


For people who want to:

  • Experience another culture and broaden their horizons
  • Enjoy a rich, diverse travel adventure Discover new approaches to creative expression
  • Learn new skills or build upon existing skills
  • Take a step off-the-beaten path Meet local artists and artisans
  • Reinvigorate or jump-start the creative life
  • Imagine, stretch, explore, do
  • Travel with like-minded people


Norma Hawthorne of Oaxaca Cultural Navigator divides her time between Pittsboro, North Carolina and Oaxaca, Mexico.


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  1. |

    When will there be textile dyeing workshops in Oaxaca in 2017?

    Tracy Miller
    North Carolina

    • |

      Tracy, check her site as any news would be there.

  2. |

    Hi Norma,

    I am wondering if you know of a textile fair in Oaxaca where the weavers/or co-ops come to show and sell their work? I live in Guanajuato and want to come to Oaxaca sometime this year,and thought you would be the person to ask!

    Thanks in advance.


    • |

      Hi Liz, the Museo Textile de Oaxaca has periodic expoventas that feature work of Oaxaca’s best textile artisans. Google them and sign up for notices! They will also be at the Santa Fe International Folk Art Market this July. Let me know when you come. It would be great to meet you. -Norma

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