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Obelisk Fiber Arts

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Janet Josifek - St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

Janet Josifek – St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

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I have been weaving on and off for over twenty five years, and spinning since just after the turn of the century. I learned to weave on a rigid heddle loom while in college. I have since moved to a four, then eight shaft loom. My emphasis is weaving and spinning with organic cotton, and other sustainable, natural, and organic fibers.

I love color and texture, so I prefer to explore the possibilities each fiber, fiber blend, and combination suggested in the myriad of weave structures. I enjoy creating everything from finely woven scarves, to heavy rugs. Inspiration comes from colors and shapes in nature, but mostly from the sheer exuberance of making things. My work has been available at local art fairs, a gallery, and special events for several years.

I also enjoy organic gardening, especially growing heirloom tomatoes, and lilies.

My background includes a degree in Fine Arts, drawing and painting, and Humanities.

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