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Okan Arts

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Patricia Belyea of Okan Arts

Patricia Belyea of Okan Arts – Seattle, Washington, USA





I did not choose to become a quilter, quilting chose me. Once I started, I couldn’t stop. After six years of staying up late and getting up early to squeeze in some quilting time each day, I quit my executive job and became a full-time quilter.

Along the way, I combined my love of Japan with the importing of vintage, hand-dyed yukata cottons for my quilts. I soon had acquired so many bolts, that I needed to share my stash with others. Now I import and sell yukata cottons as part of my Seattle-based cottage business.

Speaking to quilt guilds gives me the opportunity to share my passion and teaching allows me to get others excited about all the potential of quilting.



Okan Art’s big dream is to see the Northwest recognized as a major quilting center in the US. There are thousands of quilters here, including some of the top ones in the US, yet no one outside the quilt industry thinks of this area as a hotbed for quilting.


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    Love your Japanese Yukata cottons. Can you email me re the costs of those fabrics and whether you sell by the meter or quarters. Also the postage to New Zealand.
    Thank you, much appreciated. Miep.

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      Miep—My yukata cottons are $16 USD per yard. You can find them online at https://okanarts.com/shop. The yukata cottons over-dyed with natural indigo are $18 USD per yard. I would have to send you photos of the available indigo yardage. The shipping cost is $12 for any amount. Best, P.

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