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OmMade Threads

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Gale Gibbons of OmMade Threads

Gale Gibbons of OmMade Threads – Vista, California, USA

Nurtured from childhood to create with my hands, I continue the journey of playing piano, working with watercolors/collage art, taking photos, creating good-tasting cuisine, and yes, playing with fabric.

Beginning with my first crewel embroidery project at the age of eight (and eventually sewing shortly thereafter), working with fibers has been a great love for me. I discovered the joy of quilting in 1996 and have never looked back.

I began as a traditional quilter and in the past couple years have ventured into the area of art quilts. I still return to the my “”roots”” as a quilter, but the freedom of art quilting is definitely feeding my soul.

I am currently a local yoga and health education instructor for local community colleges. I also have a small holistic health practice here in Southern California.

I enjoy a diverse and interesting life, full of people I love and work I enjoy.

I sell my work through my Etsy site and at local holiday craft and art shows.

I do a combination of machine and hand work on my fiber art pieces. My quilt art tends to involve raw-edge applique work with rich vibrant batiks. I also perform my own free motion quilting from stippling and scroll work to the scripting of words into many of my quilts.

I also do commissions, having recent opportunities to create Tree of Life quilts for many loved ones and Etsy customers. I offer a basic price scale and work closely with the buyer to create the image they desire. I have also done custom orders on other quilts as well. It is a pleasure to “co-create” with the buyer. I have learned much from the ideas and inspiration of those I create pieces for.



My work is typically a reflection of my life… A new granddaughter? Baby quilts… A yoga profession? Yoga bags… A sewing hobby? Pin cushions… A look at beautiful lilies on the side of the road? A Calla Lily quilt…. Ultimately, my mission is to create pieces that bring joy to the recipient.

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