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  • Owen Brush Textiles Scarf - Handspun Handwoven - Natural White Brown
  • Owen Brush Textiles Scarf - Handspun Handwoven - Natural White Grey
  • Owen Brush Textiles Scarf - Handspun Handwoven - Natural Brown Grey
  • Owen Brush Textiles - Handwoven Handspun Scarf - Natural Colour

Owen Brush Textiles

Owen Brush Textiles
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Owen Brush - Montreal, Canada

Owen Brush – Montreal, Canada






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I am a weaver who specializes in using hand spun yarn to make beautiful one of a kind creations. My work is made to be worn and lived with so that people may surround themselves with the tactile sensibilities of the handmade. Original pieces are available for purchase and I can also be commissioned for special commissions.

I grew up surrounded by textiles – my mother was a spinner and weaver herself and, as a child, I would climb on her loom like a jungle gym. My own interest in textiles developed at a later age – after beginning studies at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, where I was originally studying ceramics. I found a new appreciation for the craft I grew up with after wandering into the textile studio one day where I quickly made the decision to take a weaving class the following term.

My work is represented by a number of galleries and shops including the Textile Museum of Canada Shop, and can also be found at a variety of craft shows across Canada. To see where I’ll next be showing my work, or to purchase from me directly, be sure to visit my website.

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