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Pat Pauly Design

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Pat Pauly Design - Rochester, New York, USA

Pat Pauly Design – Rochester, New York, USA





On Pat Pauly

Quilt National 1983 exhibited Pat Pauly’s first quilt. She hit the ground running, and continues to construct works that are strong and graphic. Creating works that evoke natural forms, while remaining abstract, Pauly often uses her tool kit of surface design techniques. Pat Pauly’s award winning works are exhibited both nationally and internationally. With a studio based in Rochester, New York, she is a frequent lecturer on the relationship of traditional quilts to contemporary works, and curates exhibitions of art quilts. Pauly’s workshops focus on design, color theory, construction, as well as when to apply the rules, and when to toss them out.


Her large scale works are seen in both private and corporate settings. Pat Pauly’s works are available by contacting through her website. Pat Pauly does accept commissions for site specific work.


On her work

My work is composed of pieces, fragments, parts — reassembled. The whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Or so I would like to believe.

The unexpected harmony or discord of an evolving design fascinates me, and this organic construction is an integral part of my creative process. Though the resulting piece is distinctively modern, it is the techniques of reassembly that ground this work in the historic tradition of fiber art.

Treating the surface of the fabric is a separate part of the process. Additions of dye, paint, stitch, or removal of color enhance the richness and complexity of the work. The successive layering is at times an inspired beginning, or may be added at the very end.


I find working in this medium challenging, rewarding, and open ended. When one piece is finished, I can’t wait to start the next.


Workshops and Lectures

Workshops and lectures are an aspect of my work that I find engaging and life changing. As a working artist, my working day is solitary. While directing a workshop, the possibilities for expression and creative dialogue are illuminated. And for me, this sharing recharges my energy, and when I am returned to studio work, I see the design wall (where I compose) in a new light. More information is available on workshops through my web site.


Images at Left

Pink Leaf 2 (79”H x 66”W), Mummy Bags / Canopic Jars (66” H  x 56” W), Time of Day: Happy Hour  (77”H x 72.75” W), and Strangers in Paradise,  (42”H x 79”W).

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