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Paulette Landers Textile Artist

Paulette Landers Textile Artist
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Paulette Landers - Rainier, Oregon, USA

Paulette Landers – Rainier, Oregon, USA




My goal in creating artworks is to find a spontaneous and intuitive way of working.  I approach my work as experiments, always asking “What if …?”  Each work builds on the previous ones.  It is a process of evolution, elimination, and discovery.  “Figure it out for yourself” and “create your own way of working” is how I am most comfortable in working.

Making art is a solitary process.  By that I don’t mean lonely.

I do mean that I have to be alone in order to create my unique visions.  Time has to slow down and the mind has to be quieted in order for creativity to reveal itself.  As I create an artwork, my vision often vanishes into thin air just as it is about to take form.  When I think I’ve got it, it floats away.  But it always beckons, and I keep on trying.  Perhaps the next piece will be it.  A lot of bad work must be made for the better work to be achieved.  It is the process of living.

I work in an abstract style because it allows me to give form to the intangibility of ideas, feelings, or moods.  I experiment with that form as far as it will allow me.  In this experimental process I don’t know what the final work will look like.  I keep working, waiting for a response from the work in front of me.  Eventually, a conversation begins and the work progresses in its own direction leading me on.  It is this adventure, the unknown, which appeals to me.

I equally enjoy dyeing and painting all my fabrics for specific projects.  Each piece of fabric is unique.  My aim is not so much to make pretty fabric but rather to give texture, movement, and balance to my work.  I view my fabric much like a painter views a palette of colors.  My stitching becomes the final glaze the painter uses to unify the work.  By its very nature, my art will mean something different to each viewer.

The part I enjoy most is the start of a new work — after I have done all my planning, prepared my materials, and done my prayer to the Muse.  Now the real work starts.  All the necessary chores have been done in preparation for the beginning.

Every step of my process must be in harmony with the vision that is presenting itself.  All my work is original concept and design.

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