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I work in fiber arts and mixed media, finding creative freedom in both painting and stitching, exploring each separately and as integrated mediums.

I primarily make art quilts and fiber sculptures that combine multiple techniques including hand embroidery, machine stitching, needle felting & freeform crochet. The fabrics I use are hand dyed & painted in my studio. In addition I make fiber art brooches and other wearable art.

Although often mistaken for large scale pieces when seen in photographs, my work is mostly small scale, ranging in size from 2 inches up to about 24, sometimes going wild with a 36 or 48 inch piece.



My work strives to be informal while honoring fine craft and simplicity. Age, distress and a timeworn aesthetic are core motifs, with peace, inner calm and authenticity as central themes. Pieces have frayed edges and loose threads, bright colors and untamed texture that embraces the beauty of imperfection. Art & craftwork celebrates the quiet contemplative nature of handmade items. Pieces reflect the celebration, connectedness and delight of living a simplified life. Studio practice is to recycle and use non-toxic, environmentally friendly materials, striving to be low impact and no waste.

-Jo Mo of peaceofpi Studio

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