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Peekabootique Quilts

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Denelle McCleary Smith - Billings, Montana

Denelle McCleary Smith – Billings, Montana

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I have enjoyed the process of sewing and quilting since 1978, when my grandmother showed me how their sewing club cut and pieced fabrics together. They actually used a piece of card board, cut in the size square they wanted, traced a line around it and cut the square with scizzors from the fabric. They pieced the blocks together, then layered the quilt top, blanket instead of batting and sheet for the backing. Inside out they stitched around the edge and turned it right side out like a pillow case. Then they tied all the cross seams with yarn. So, the first 2 quilts I made were for my 2 daughters using this method.

What a wonderful memory, but I am happier with the modern way of quilting. I now enjoy the use of cutting mats, rotary cutters and most of all, my long arm quilting machine. I enjoy every aspect of making quilts. I bought a long arm quilting machine in 2004 and have been quilting steadily ever since for family, friends, and customers. All of my quilts are made with high quality fabric, batting, and thread.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope that you will visit my shops on Etsy and find something useful. I have two shops there, one with quilts and the other, Peekabootique Quilts, focused on baby products (bibs, mats, etc.). I take great pride in using the best quality fabrics and making great products that will last for many years!

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