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Peggy Brown

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Peggy Brown - Nashville, Indiana, USA

Peggy Brown – Nashville, Indiana, USA


I love my job. I am a watercolor painter and an art quilter. I work from my home studio doing “what” pleases me the most, “when” it pleases me.

Almost 40 years ago what started as a hobby soon became an obsession, then grew into a profession as my paintings began winning awards and attracting gallery representation and buyers.

Primarily I am a self-taught painter. My watercolor paintings on both paper and fabric (art quilts) have won over 400 awards in regional, national and international juried exhibits. I am an elected signature member of several International Painting Societies (see web site for complete listing), teach workshops on a limited basis and judge regional and national exhibitions. My work has been featured in 11 books about watercolor painting and art quilts, many magazine and webzine articles, plus Marquis Publications: “Who’s Who in American Art”, “Who’s Who in America”, and “Who’s Who of American Women.”

I welcome people to visit my work on my web site, in several galleries, and at my home studio by appointment. Commissions are accepted.



I paint for myself, for the challenge and joy of it, but knowing visual art must be seen to be heard, true fulfillment comes when the viewer unites with my vision and becomes a part of my marks on paper. My studio time is divided between “paintings on paper” and my newer obsession, “paintings on fabric”.

I try to express images that are on, above and below the surface and invite the viewer to follow as I work and perceive the process from tentative beginnings to the final touch. The process is a collaboration between watercolor – the medium; and myself-the artist. I think we both enjoy ourselves.


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    Your work is amazing. Sewing machines & I do not get along but love to hand-sew. The techniques in combo are truly beautifuly composted. Love each and every one.

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    Congratulations Mrs Brown! I loved the paintings. You’re so good!
    I wish to be obsessive like you on my sewing clothes. Thank you so much for the beauty of your art.
    God bless!

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