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Born in Jamaica of very mixed ethnicity, paternal great grandparents born into slavery, maternal great grandfather a Scotsman, family once very wealthy, but all the money now gone, a nomad of sorts, living in various regions of the US for the past 30 or so years. I have a very supportive husband and two wonderful children, who sometimes think my work is OK, or at worst, weird! Sometimes, they even think it is very good…

What inspires me? Thoughts come in the middle of the night, when I am gardening, from photos I take, when I’m going through my considerable stash of fabrics and scraps (do not throw anything away, as immediately you do, you will need it for another project), and oh, yes, there is the WHAT IF moment? When I look at a piece of silk and say, what if I did this, or that? I follow my ideas where they lead. I am lucky to have a studio in house where I can retreat to and shut out the world., especially in the depths of a Wyoming winter.



I have been painting on silk for over 20 years, and still enjoy seeing what I can produce from a piece of white silk. Silk Painters International have honored me with the Signature Member designation, enabling me to place the letters MSP (Master Silk Painter) after my name. Experiment and grow is my mantra!

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