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Katie Corrigan - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Katie Corrigan – Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Some people know exactly what they want to be when they grow up. Well, I am one of those people that wants to try too many different things. Half of my family are engineers and the other half are artists and I ended up somewhere in the middle.In the beginning, high tech, advertising and the internet was my occupation and the arts were my avocation. I have been blessed with many great jobs in high tech and advertising. After having a child, my priorities shifted and I was more interested in being an individual contributor again instead of managing large teams. My Etsy shop has allowed me to combine my business experience and love of art and design together.I am having so much fun building Pop O’ Color. It started as I was cleaning up my workroom of fabric remnants from various window treatment projects that I did for clients. I made pillows and they sold on Etsy!

All of my pillows are handcrafted and designed by me with careful attention to detail:
– corners are tapered so they don’t dog ear
– fabric edges are serged
– invisible zipper enclosure on the bottom
Quickly I learned that the more colorful patterns were getting the most traffic. I was always telling my clients that their room needed a Pop O’ Color so it seemed a natural name for the store.



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  1. Nancy Ehite


    I am looking to purchase 4 yards of the Lee industries antelope fabric in stone. I loved your pillows and want to recover my dinning room chair seats. Is it possible to purchase this from you?

    Thanks in advance


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