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PrettyPosa Designs

PrettyPosa Designs
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Lita Setchfield of PrettyPosa Designs- San Jose Province, Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica

Lita Setchfield – San Jose Province, Perez Zeledon, Costa Rica






My name is Lita Setchfield and I’m a weaver creating handwoven garments and wall hangings. My garments are one of a kind pieces of wearable art inspired by the tropical color palettes of my home in Costa Rica. I specialize in creating artistic textiles with encoded messages and affirmations as a part of the design. You can find an exclusive collection of wearable art available on my website. I am also available for commissions of ceremonial clothing or textiles for special occasions such as weddings, rituals, and performances. Let’s weave your dream into reality! Customized one on one weaving retreats are also available at my studio in Costa Rica. Gallery representation of my work is welcome.


This life path all started almost 20 years ago when a weaving friend innocently asked me to help him set up his loom and as soon as I had the yarn in my hands I knew this was my calling. Since then I have completed a 4 year Master Weaver Program at the Hill Institute in Massachusetts and brought both small and large looms with me wherever I have gone, including living aboard two sailboats and moving from the U.S. to Costa Rica.


My weaving is an integral piece of who I am as a creative being, and each piece I make has a story (and often a secret code) embedded into the cloth. I seek to capture the divine complexity of nature’s designs in color studies and patterns. And, if life wasn’t complex enough already, I particularly delight in giving myself the hardest weaving challenges possible using the finest threads I can get my hands on. I bring a lot of intention and symbolism into each step of my creative process, and this can be seen in the singular uniqueness of each piece I make. I work only with natural fibers; mostly cotton, silk and tencel, and I hand dye much of the yarn I use.


Living and working in the beautiful mountains of southern Costa Rica brings endless inspiration for my work from the infinite beauty of nature all around me. The name PrettyPosa comes from the way my son pronounced “mariposa” (Spanish for butterfly) when he was just learning to talk. Since I have a particular fascination for weaving the colors and designs of butterflies this name was a perfect fit!

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