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Priscilla Creations

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Priscilla Stultz of Priscilla Creations

Priscilla Stultz of Priscilla Creations








I have seen my creations walk the runway, hang in galleries, purchased by customers, exhibited at numerous quilt and wearable shows. I do commissions using clothing, hats, fibers of the customers to create unique pieces. I also repair and restore antique quilts, tablecloths and lace. I sell my pieces of fiber jewelry, hand dyed scarves and embellished jean vests at craft shows and festivals.

I have been attached to needle, thread and fabric since I was a child; this has always been a creative outlet for me. I continue to try new techniques, and stretch my art by taking challenging classes. To a certain extent, I am self taught and I think this improves my fiber creations and broadens my imagination. Phtotography is my muse and the inspiration for most of my creations. I want to continue to create until I am no more!



Fashion Designer for several years for the prestigious Bernina Fashion show at the IQA (International Quilt Association) Show. Several of my fiber art pieces have been published in books and magazines. My art is an extension of myself–my photography is the inspiration for the fiber creations. My mission is to offer the best creations that are possible for view by the auidience and customer base.

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