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Maximo Laura with Sasha McInnes. founder of Puchka Peru.

Maximo Laura with Sasha McInnes. founder of Puchka Peru.


We are a small company built upon Fair/Ethical Trade ideals with the purpose of sharing, with folks like you, some of the extraordinary, fascinating, shocking, gorgeous and magical history, sites, textiles, folk art and traditions that Peru has to offer.

We have designed two types of Textile/Folk Art/Market Tours:

– 22 days in enchanting Peru with 9 days of workshops, knitting, tapestry weaving, spinning, embroidery, braiding, pan pipes, gourd carving. Lima, Arequipa, Colca Canyon, Cusco, Machu Picchu, will be visited and much more!

– 12 day tour to Ayacucho/Huamanga, in the southern highlands, to see the WARI/Huari archaeological sites; to visit villages, markets, museums and the workshops of weavers, knitters, embroiderers, braiders, painters, silversmiths, sculptors, tinworkers, mask and retablo makers. A number of mini-workshops and demonstrations will be included. We will be guided by textile artist and Peruvian National Living Treasure, Maximo Laura.

We are flexible! We offer:

  • a superbly organized and unique textile tour adventure with workshops, where you can engage up close and personal with Peruvian artisans;
  • a tour which includes visits to many artists’ studios off the tourist trail;
  • expert advice, guidance and assistance with your independent travel;
  • an internship in the studio of an internationally renowned textile artist, a retablo artist, a sculptor or weavers/dyers/spinners;


Please click on the following link to our website: http://puchkaperu.com/


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