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Quick2Listen Fiber Art by Jeannie Sredl

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Jeannie Sredl of Quick2Listen Fiber Art

Jeannie Sredl of Quick2Listen Fiber Art – Chicago, Illinois, USA


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I’m a fiber and quilt artist enthralled about all things fabric & fiber. The feel of cloth under my hands, the tug of the needle, the hum of my sewing machine and yes the unique aroma of freshly dyed linen out of the dryer. Come and celebrate all the colors and designs I have to offer. I’ve been sewing for years and quilting for about three.

My love for fabric construction began to be more than a hobby about 1 year ago after a job change. Now the ideas are so many it’s a thrill to be able to share them here on TAFA. Feel free to send me your ideas and inspirations, I’d love to hear from you.

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