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R A W Textiles

R A W Textiles
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Rio Wrenn of R A W Textiles - Portland, Oregon, USA

Rio Wrenn of R A W Textiles – Portland, Oregon, USA



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Since 2001 I have been experimenting with natural dyeing and rust printing.  This has lead me to develop processes that only could have happened by creating conceptual works.  My interest and dedication keeps me developing while I tap into the humming of the earth as it moves in cycles.


In 2009 I developed a fashion label -R A W Textiles.  This started as a lingerie line that I designed, dyed, and constructed heirloom quality intimates.   After 5 productive years I restructured my studio work and changed my collections to textile yardage and scarves.

From these collections I wish to collaborate with other designers of fashion or interiors to integrate sustainable practices and heirloom quality.


I have slowly structured my processes so that I can share them in workshops held at my studio in Portland, Oregon and through resident travels.   Thus far, I have taught and given demonstrations at fiber fairs, universities, public schools, private workshops, and a residency at Colour Garance in Lauris, France.


My processes include the fusion of ancient techniques and experimental adaptations.  This would include shibori, katazome, rust printing, composting, natural immersion dye, indigo vats, fermentation, screen printing, painting, embroidery, sewing…….

Harvesting plants has always been part of my life so it seemed a natural and poetic gesture to create colors not only from plant extracts purchased but also from fresh grown and dried plant parts that I collected as the seasons changed.

This energy fuels my work and heals my spirit.


My work has been exhibited in local and national galleries.  The pieces I have been creating in the last 10 years are a combination of abstract , repurposed, juxtaposed, fashion forward, performance, and installation art.  Of them, my most memorable was the Glean residency.  This was  6 months of unlimited visits to the city dump to collect and create 10 pieces that would be shown in a gallery with 4 other artists doing the same thing.  It was very spiritual and profoundly life altering.

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