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  • Pussissa / In Pouch (2005, 8 x 42 x 47 cm)pellavakuitu / flax© Raija Jokinen

Raija Jokinen

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Raija Jokinen

Raija Jokinen – Textile Artist – Helsinki, Finland


I work on the fields of fiber arts and fine arts and my artistic approach is focused on the everyday feelings, situations and thoughts we all have and I observe the relationship of the emotional and physical surrounding, including our body and mind. Visually my works are often based on body-related details, such as skin, blood vessels and nerve tracks and they intersect with the forms of roots or branches without representing either of them. I am excited in their apparent similarity and infinite variation together with the life-support functions they represent and how these visual allegories can be found in almost all living organisms. In a context of a human body a question arises about what is really tangible and what is not and where is the borderline between physical things and emotions.

My art works are made of flax and the working method can be compared to painting and drawing, but the “paint” is the fiber that is normally used, ex., as a base material for oil paintings. My methods and materials are also related with handmade paper techniques and fiber arts. My works are formed freely and are not limited by frames. I was interviewed on TextileArtist.org and explained a lot about this process there and how my path evolved: Read the Interview

Besides exhibitions, I also make commissions. I often visit the place where the work of art will be hanged, or if that’s not possible due to long distance etc, I’ll ask the customer to send images of the place. I also like to discuss with the customer about her / his ideas about the space and life in general. On that basis, I make several sketches and present my ideas, placing mock-ups to the image of the site to give a good idea about how the work will look in that specific space. This has proved a good method and I’ve made commissions to several countries besides Finland.

Depending the size of the piece it takes about 2-6 weeks to deliver and the price, starting from 600€, varies according to the size and the technique used. Sending the piece is simple as it’s lightweight and can be packed between plates of cardboard. In spite of its fragile look the structure is actually very strong and durable. In fact, you need to be much more gentle with graphic prints or oil paintings than with my flax drawings. The video at the left shows the process that I use in creating a work.

If you are interested, please, check my web site and contact by email.

Since 1990 my works have been exhibited in nearly 200 shows world wide. I also organize exhibitions and events.  I was the initiator and co-organizer of the Northern Fibre event started in Finland 1995. You are welcome to follow my activities at the www.raijajokinen.wordpress.com site.

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    Wow I’m impressed by Raija’s work ! Happy to know her to be part of Tafa.

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