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Realfibers Handweaving Studio

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Suzi Ballenger of Realfibers Handweaving Studio

Suzi Ballenger of Realfibers Handweaving Studio


I knew I would be a weaver when I first stepped into a small studio on the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia in 1981. The inspiration of that first “meeting” has never stopped.

I create fabrics of bamboo, cotton, metal, paper, plants, plastics, screening, silk, wool and other materials that reveal the simple and amazing beauty of cloth. The threaded order/dis-order of fiber and form are an identifiable statement with my handwoven textiles. This work challenges the pre-conceived boundaries of symmetry revealing the contradictions and discoveries amidst a grid that becomes fluid. All these variables of the handweaving process present choices that allow me to share my inspiration and reaction to the world.

Realfibers Handweaving Studio is located in the former mill village of Bradford, Rhode Island surrounded by the farms, rivers, hills and the faint scent of the salty ocean breezes common to southern New England. The small, but active production space has 3 looms and wooden walls filled with cones of unique, sustainable fibers with multiples colors of bamboo, linens, fine paper threads (yes, paper), pineapple, silk, wool, alpaca, and even copper and stainless steel.  These types of fibers are the mainstay of my work and you will also find recycled and re-purposed materials in my functional items.


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    Love, love, love your work! I do a few similar kinds of weaving.

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    Moved last year. Please check website for current information.

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