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Rebecca Kemble

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Rebecca J Kemble - West Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Rebecca Kemble – West Des Moines, Iowa, USA


My name is Rebecca Kemble (Becky) and I love working with fabric. I have been a textile artist since 2001, but before that I worked in oil paint, pastels, clay, and colored pencil. Once I discovered textiles and all the different ways of using surface design, it was a great way to combine the tactile sensations of the fabric with the drawing and painting I have done for many years. I love exploring the many ways of creating an image using dye, paint, stitch, discharge and more. My work continues to evolve the more I learn about the different techniques. I feel I’m just beginning to find my artistic voice and am so excited about what continues to emerge as I continue to explore and work in this medium.

I sell my art, hand dyed fabric, scarves and patterns on my website.

Artist’s Statement

I believe in the power of art.  I believe it is through imagination that ideas are explored and carried through to completion. Creativity paves the way for problem solving, by asking the question, “what if”?

The inspiration for my art comes from the natural universe, from the macrocosmic to the microscopic view of creation, expressed in both realistic and abstract, organic forms.

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