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Rebecca Mezoff Tapestry Studio

Rebecca Mezoff Tapestry Studio
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Rebecca Mezoff Tapestry Artist - Fort Collins, Colorado, USA

Rebecca Mezoff Tapestry Artist – Fort Collins, Colorado, USA









Big skies and long walks are in my blood. I am a tapestry weaver and as an artist, a watcher of things. I watch the goldfinches outside my studio window; I watch the clouds while lying on my back in a mountain meadow; and I watch all the creative people around me interpret their world in their own way. My chosen art form is an old one. Tapestry has been around for thousands of years in the archaeological record and likely tens of thousands of years in practice.

As a fiber artist, I work with materials that are soft and suggestible. My tapestries are made of wool which I dye (and sometimes spin) myself. Yet, my inspiration comes from the very solid, rocky topography in the southwestern United States whose astounding landscapes continue to delight me. I am concerned about climate change and how humans will interact with each other on a rapidly changing planet. My current work addresses these intersections of human action on the magnificent planet we inhabit while offering hope in the actions of humans as a species to thrive into the future. Tapestry is an especially intriguing medium to address these problems both in the slowness of its creation and the length of time it has been practiced.

I couldn’t have a better job than being a tapestry artist. My adventures in the outdoors feed my creative fires and I create tapestries inspired by what I find out there. I teach workshops throughout the United States and globally online. Tapestry has been around a very long time but I think it is still relevant today. Though it is slow, it is important. Making things is important, especially in a society where much of our day flashes across screens.

Every day I wake up excited to ask the question, What will I create today? And one of my greatest hopes is that other people will join me in this exploration.


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    Hi Rebecca,
    On the last email where you are talking about going hiking for a week….I noticed in the Hokkett Loom
    you had a stainless steel bar under the warp.
    1. Was that just at the top or the bottom too?
    2. Is it to raise the warp for a reason???? To maybe finish the piece as high up as you can?
    Thanks for your help.

  2. |

    I signed up for my first Navajo weaving class, have 12 hours in to it with 12 hours to go – I’m seriously considering decorating my wrist with a plastic spoon to put myself out of my misery!!!
    No matter how many times I’ve I’ve started, over the right side is always tighter and uglier than the left side! Argh-h-h-h!!! Weaving on my handmade looms and also my 16″ Mirrex is a piece of cake and totally enjoyable so, I’m asking if you have any sage advice regarding the “beast!”

    • |

      Dotty, I approved the comment, but for questions like this, you will do better by contacting Rebecca through her site. Good luck on getting the technique down!

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