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  • Regina Dunn - Embracing Solitude - artcloth - winter - leaves- artquilt
  • Regina Dunn - Taking Root - artcloth- root- vines-artquilt
  • Regina Dunn - Yielding - artcloth- autumn- leaves - artquilt
  • Regina Dunn - Little Transformation3 - collage- root - vines

Regina B Dunn

Regina B Dunn
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Regina B Dunn - DeLand, Florida, USA, Textile Artist

Regina B Dunn – DeLand, Florida, USA



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I create fabric-based art to express and explore things I encounter in the natural world or on my travels. I like to use images I design from my own photos as metaphors for deeper concepts. For example, an image of a root is used to show our many connections with people and places and how those connections help us to grow. My work can be classified as art quilts, but I call them mixed-media constructions because of the variety of media I use on them. I like to begin with white fabric, dye it, screen and stamp imagery in layers, and then add stitch for texture and to complete the overall design. My works have been described as peaceful and meditative.

Some of my works have a felt backing that is fused on and secured with hand stitch, and others of my works have a fabric backing and are machine-quilted. I have exhibited my works both locally and nationally as part of other shows and as a solo show. I was published in Jane Dunnewold’s book Improvisational Screen Printing Second Edition and several of SAQA’s catalogues. Almost all of what I make is for sale on my Etsy Shop.

I began working in this field by taking some local workshops and joining a local surface design group. For years, I tried technique after technique, until I found my true voice when I took the Art Cloth Mastery Program, a two-and-a-half year program with Jane Dunnewold. It was from that I was able to focus on what was important to me and hone skills to illustrate my vision.


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