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Renate Kirkpatrick

Renate Kirkpatrick







I’m a proud Aussie, living in sub-tropical Queensland, where the crystal ocean, grainy sands and textured rainforests are a never-ending inspiration.

I incorporate all types of fibre into my work, from natural to synthetics, and will try anything to achieve the effects I’m after.

Although I’ve traveled many fibre/texture/colour roads, exploring Handmade Paper, both recycled and plant fibre (cellulous) and Rag Rugging, Freeform Crochet/Knitting is where I’m at right now. I sell under the name rensfibreart.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t exploring the fibre arts in one form or another and I expect it to go on and on for some time yet.

However, I’m not limited to the unusual… I also design easy to read crochet patterns and have 4 published craft books available world wide ~ ‘Crochet Techniques’ ~ ‘Freeform Crochet and Beyond’ ~ ‘Bring Colour to Crochet’ ~ Textured Crochet Lace ~



An artist by nature but a teacher at heart, my main aim with Freeform is to encourage people to be spontaneous, trust their intuition and never stop asking themselves, ‘I wonder what will happen if I try this or that?’ and then give it a go. I say…..’Dare to be different’ ‘Step out of the box’ ‘Experiment, explore, enquire, you’ll never know until you have a go!’


on rensfibreart.

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