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Rhino Saurus Rex Knits

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Christine Pfortmiller of Rhino Saurus Rex Knits

Christine Pfortmiller of Rhino Saurus Rex Knits – North Platte, Nebraska, USA

Hi, there! My name is Christine and I am the heart and hands behind Pedestrian Designs. My mother taught me to crochet when I was twelve, started designing clothes for myself and friends when I was fifteen, and I became a full-time Etsian in 2009.

What would Rapunzel wear if she had to shovel snow in a Nebraska winter? Would Little Red Riding Hood only wear red? How many spikes does a dragon have on its head? These are the questions I answer with Pedestrian Designs.

Pedestrian Designs is now available in several shops in the Nebraska/Colorado area.



Inspired by folktales, fairy tales, myths, and legends, I crochet for children and playful grown ups. Come with me and walk in my world.

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    Hi there Christine,

    I have a hat collective in Austin, Texas. Would you like to join? Also would you make children and adult longhorn hats? Short n sweet we can talk in detail later if you are interested.

    Lauri Turner

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