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Riverweave Studio

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Kathleen Aaker of Riverweave Studio

Kathleen Aaker of Riverweave Studio



Through the genealogy work of my sister I discovered weavers in my family – is that why I am so drawn to this work? This question fascinates me. The simplicity of line, color and graceful form stimulates the ‘little gray cells’. I see a pattern, colors or a texture and try to visualize the way it could be worked on the loom. There is a world of ideas to be explored. My work will never be done.

Riverweave Studio is located on the second floor of our 1940’s bungalow home in LaCross, Wisconsin (USA). The second floor was added as an apartment, the kitchen was long ago banished. It works perfectly as a creative space where I can think, work, dream and leave the stray threads scattered.



I want my work to be fascinating and intriguing. I strive to make it something unique. If you wear it or have it in your home I want you to feel it was made just for you.


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