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Robin McCarthy

Robin McCarthy
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Robin McCarthy - Los Angeles, California, USA

Robin McCarthy – Los Angeles, California, USA




A needle and thread have been in my hands since I was a little girl. It began with making rudimentary clothing for my dolls. By rudimentary I mean rectangles with a hole in the center for the doll’s head and hand sewn up the sides. My mother taught me to sew and read patterns when I was 12 and that pursuit led me to a 20 year career designing clothes for women and toddlers. My line was featured at select Saks Fifth Ave, Nordstrom and Barney’s of NY, as well as numerous boutiques around the country. There came a point where I hit a wall with my inspiration and passion for that line of work so I began working in theater costume shops and with the Jim Henson Creature Shop which was a joy.


The longing to create without the motivation of a paycheck grew too large to ignore and so began my embroidered fine art, best described as Mixed Media with Hand-Embroidery. The process begins either with assorted vintage images which trigger a direction, or I have an existing concept in mind and seek out old photos that will help develop that idea. I tinker with them digitally to combine them into a new image and print that out on fabric. At this stage I embroider the illustrations to create the final narrative, never using more than 2 strands of thread at a time.


It is my hope TAFA will expand my exposure to galleries for exhibition. I consider myself a storyteller and currently that work is an attempt to address the world we live in, always with a little subversion or twist. I have been featured on Fiber Arts Now and Mr. X Stitch, and TextileArtist.org.

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