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Rose Hughes

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Rose Hughes

Rose Hughes






Throughout her education, Rose Hughes studied art and design, but ultimately what followed was career path in ATM systems. Bring them to life while working as a project manager and product manager. This work literally took her throughout the United States and beyond with clients on various islands in the Pacific. While traveling Rose discovered quilting and it wasn’t long before her skills in marketing and product development actually led her back to arts and crafts industry.

Rose is an accomplished artist who specializes in quilt art and mixed media utilizing fabric of all kinds. Her quilts are exhibited worldwide, and her three current books provide amazing lessons on her own Fast-Piece Applique™ construction method, embellishments and design.



Early on in my experimenting with quilt art I allowed my interest in ravens to guide my work. This was a freeing experience and opened the door to innumerable new personal insights and quilt-art making opportunities. The quilts created during this period were produced by progressively experimenting with various design elements and techniques. Like raven I have enjoyed going outside ‘the rules’ to create these personal statements. Some ideas have worked, others have not, but each piece over the last 15 years has brought me new knowledge and ideas to fuel my work into the future. In those earlier pieces raven made his presence known, for he was there front and center in many of my designs. Since then raven is usually only there in spirit and when asked ‘where are the ravens?’ I honestly answered, ‘he is there, you just can not see him’.

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