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Roxane Lessa of Raleigh, NC, USA

Roxane Lessa of Raleigh, NC, USA






Roxane was a professional ballet dancer in her youth. Now she enjoys creating movement with color, line, and shapes, using textiles as her muse. She has exhibited her work in many group and solo shows internationally and at home in the US. In 2012, she won the Niche Award for Decorative Art. She also teaches textile arts in her studio, and at stores and guilds. Roxane has a B.S. in Costume Design and Textiles, but considers herself a life-long learner of textile arts.



I help people experience joy, luxury and beauty with my textile art and classes and workshops. My style favors heightened colors and heavy organic quilting in a semi-abstract manner, where sensuous shapes and curved lines pre-dominate. I use fabric in painterly ways, while sculpting and shaping the fabric with stitching. My desire is that people will enjoy entering the world I have created, and lose themselves in successive layers of detailed texture and color.

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