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Roxanne Lasky - Bluffton, South Carolina, USA - textile artist

Roxanne Lasky – Bluffton, South Carolina, USA







I consider myself an explorer of the creative process. Discovering and making by hand (and sewing machine) are my passions. Being able to tell my story in my work gives meaning and purpose to my time here. Having a shop has allowed me to reach beyond the solitude of the studio to engage my community in art making.

Before opening The Quilter’s Alley, I taught art and photography in Middle and High School. Teaching is an integral part of who I am and how I approach my work at the shop. A sense of service underscores sharing knowledge and is an integral part of my commissioned work. I am often asked to make or complete commemorative projects that bring the client/artist interaction to exciting new levels with deep personal meaning.

Among the courses I teach at the shop, Threads of Meaning is my favorite. Combining the meditative quality of hand stitching with personal storytelling, students are discovering their own creative voices. The program has been ongoing for several years in the shop and at other venues upon request. I look forward to continuing this soul-work as a primary focus both in my studio and in the larger community.



Fabric and paint layers perform a literal evolution of the creative labor encompassing the hand and energy of the maker and the unseen dimension of idea. In my work, I attempt to expose ordinary truths throughout the whole and in the subtext of the spaces between. I hope to enlighten the viewers’ participation through their own discoveries provoked by the metaphors.


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    Hello Roxanne,
    I’m the author of two nonfiction books, one of which is on fiber arts. I’m currently writing a new book about 2D and 3D fabric art. It will include artist profiles, photos of their work, as well as how-to projects for readers to follow. The book will be practical and not a coffee-table book, and that is why I’m requesting a how-to project from each artist.

    I’d love to include your fabric sculptures, Word Houses in the book, if you’re interested.

    I would need electronic photos of the pieces you’d like to contribute – any size and quality will do for now. I will not use them for any purpose other than to include them in a book proposal to potential publishers. And I will need a brief description of a how-to project. We can discuss the details in the future.

    Once I secure interest from a publisher, I will need to set up an interview and a contract.

    If you’re interested in contributing, please contact me at andystanton@comcast.net.

    Happy New Year!
    Boulder Colorado USA
    Author, Zapotec Weavers of Teotilan, Museum of New Mexico Press

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