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My name is Peggy Wright. I am an art quilter, fiber artist, beader, beading kit designer, teacher, writer, and editor. Playing with color is my passion.

I am passionate about fibers, beads, and color in whatever form, and I love both hand and machine work. I now focus on art quilting, incorporating hand beadwork and thread embroidery, hand and machine appliqué, and machine piecing, free motion quilting, thread sketching, and thread painting. I often create dimensional work using beads, thread, and any other material that seems to fit the piece. I also have started painting on fabric, using the painted fabric as background or appliqué.

In my current business, I sell beading kits for jewelry. I have beaded for over 20 years and have taught nationally at conferences. Currently, I teach a beading class through the Embroiderer’s Guild of America (EGA).

My shift to quilting and two-dimensional art occurred only a few years ago, and I hope to sell my art quilts in the future.



Color and texture drive my art. I paint with fabric, beads, and thread to create a distinctive visual and tactile experience for the viewer.

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