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Heidi Hunter of Runs With Scissors - Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba, Canada

Heidi Hunter of Runs With Scissors – Winnipeg Beach, Manitoba, Canada







Heidi Hunter runs with scissors daily. Her studio is an oasis of colour where she hand-dyes fabrics and wearables, teaches workshops, and creates art quilts to warm your walls.




To live and work authentically, always celebrating the creative process while balancing high level skill and practice with heart-led intuition and self-knowledge.


To be led by the creative process and expression through colour and image, while making the Runs with Scissors studio a destination for artists and art lovers.


Heidi Hunter runs with scissors. Shifting from an international career as a mime, she has found her voice creating visual theatre where her art studio is now the stage. There, her hands dance with fabric, and her heart sings in colour. Her stunning, award-winning art quilts will warm your walls, as do her luxurious hand-dyed wearables long to drape over your shoulders.

An “artist’s artist”, Heidi is a gifted and experienced teacher, and a forever student. Driven by colour and obsessed with her love/hate relationship with the creative process, Heidi lives to dye…and dies to quilt.

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