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  • Needle felted dragon spirit animal infused with healing energy
  • Needle Felted Crow Spirit Animal Energy Art by Sacred Balance Art
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  • Needle Felted Mermaids made with wool, alpaca, bamboo, soy, and silk.

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Claire Demarest - Bend, Oregon, USA -Sacred Balance Art

Claire Demarest – Bend, Oregon, USA -Sacred Balance Art




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My name is Claire Demarest and I have the joy of creating fiber arts that interconnect with energy. I started out knitting and was decent, but not great. When I created my first felted purse, I saw all the imperfections from my knitting disappear when the fibers shrunk and felted together and I was hooked. My desire to create things that I love such as animals, flowers, and angels, sparked my journey into needle felting and wet felting of small, 3D works of art. I am also an energy healer, and wanted to incorporate that somehow. I started infusing the knitted sweaters for my chihuahuas (thank goodness dogs don’t care about imperfections) with Reiki and it grew from there.

I create one of a kind needle felted angels, spirit animals, magical beings like mermaids and dragons, nativities, and more. Each one is completely handmade by me with high quality fibers from ethically treated animals. The embellishments I use are also high quality, such as glass beads and real gemstones. The types of fibers out there are truly amazing; soy, bamboo, hemp, silk, and of course so many types of wool from sheep and goats. I then energetically infuse them with vibrations that match what they are, such as a garnet healing angel is holding an actual garnet and infused with garnet gemstone elixir. Or a hummingbird spirit animal radiates out the vibrational resonance of the flower of life sacred geometry. Each one has a Herkimer Diamond in the center, an incredibly powerful stone that helps hold, clear, and increase the energetic vibrations. What you receive is a beautifully made piece of fiber art that also radiates out healing energies you can feel.

My specialty is guardian angels. Your guardian angel comes to me in color and texture, and I create an artistic representation of him or her. The fiber art soft sculpture you receive is the closest I can get to the colors they embody, their aura if you will. They can be very specific about what they want, guiding me on the colors, but also the textures, hair color, wings, and embellishments. I then listen to what they have to say and channel a personal message to you from your guardian angel.

My art is self-taught. Through years of practice I have created innovative and accurate ways to sculpt and mold fiber into a form that is realistic yet artistic. I am continually learning and finding new ways to create. I am a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner through Dr. Doreen Virtue, a certified Reconnective Healing Practitioner through Dr. Eric Pearl, a Usui Reiki Master, and a certified Flora Corona Practitioner through Deborah Craydon. This gives me a unique and qualified means to create true energy art, with love and respect for you. I feel blessed every day that I get to create something so special. Who wouldn’t love talking to angels, animals, and fairies all day!

With Grace and Gratitude,

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