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Sally Gould Wright Quilt Artist

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Sally Gould Wright - Los Angeles, California, USA

Sally Gould Wright – Los Angeles, California, USA



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I was born and raised in Los Angeles California and after receiving my Art History degree from UCLA joined my parents’ antique business, Richard Gould Antiques, becoming President in 1980.

A lifelong interest in art and design led me through many fiber and craft worlds until 1998 when I was inspired by an episode of Alex Anderson’s “Simply Quilts” to make a sampler quilt for my then nine year old son’s bed. I bought a few books and, self taught, set upon the task. Soon I discovered local classes at Sewing Arts Center in Santa Monica, quilting seminars through Empty Spools at Asilomar in Pacific Grove and classes at major quilt shows all over California. I have been privileged to study with such internationally recognized teachers as Ruth McDowell, Sharon Schamber, Esterita Austin, Pam Holland and Gloria Loughman and have strived to utilize their varied techniques while developing my own artistic voice.

My quilts have been exhibited at both local and national shows including Road to California, AQS Nashville, IQA Chicago and The Pacific International Quilt Festival.

I live in West Los Angeles with my husband Glen and work in a very small home studio.



I have moved from the area of traditional pieced bed size quilts into the world of Art Quilting in recent years and use piecing, appliqué, fusing, fabric painting, mixed media, thread painting, beaded embellishments and couched yarns to enhance my quilts. Color is everything and I use it and texture to reflect my interest in the decorative arts, history and the natural world.


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    Amazing work! Love all your colours but especially the greys in the first piece… so subtle, so brilliant! Love it!

  2. |

    Well! There is only one thing to say about your quilts –and that is: Stunning ! Thank you for sharing

    • Susan rebel quilter

      The swan quilt is fascinating.. What is the story behind it ?, there has to be one.

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