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Sally Sellers textile artist

Sally Sellers – Vancouver, Washington, USA


The Pi Project

I create because I like that rough terrain which exists between chaos and control. Living in a world dominated by either concept is uncomfortable, but skittering back and forth fuels me.

My work is about repetition and pattern. The overall image is usually rather simple, but is composed of many smaller vignettes, each with its own composition. I enjoy increasing the visual complexity with stitches, beads, found objects, and intriguing fabrics. The place where two textures meet and how they interact is terribly exciting.

I love repetition with variation because it mimics daily existence. In the small rituals of everyday life there resides significant personal importance. This is the way we move through the world; individual days accumulate to become a life. In the same manner, obsessive stitching or beading acquires nuances and imperfections which document the moments and the hand that made them. A stitch is visible time.

-Sally Sellers

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