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Sandy Donabed – Ganymede Studio

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Sandy Donabed - Jupiter, Florida, USA

Sandy Donabed – Jupiter, Florida, USA



I have always sewn, a legacy from my mom, the home ec teacher. In addition, I have always loved to experiment with art techniques and materials, so these pages represent the merging of those two aspects of my life. Quilting came to me when I was a young mother–something that was portable, non-toxic, and could be done in odd moments between duties. I had something to work on as I would sit in carpool lines, wait at trombone lessons, or hunker down in the car during rainy soccer Saturdays. It was my meditative outlet during hard times, a way to explore the humorous minutiae of daily life, and a documentation of a developing feminist attitude. Lately I have been branching out and experimenting with different media, though I keep returning back to quilts drawn by my love of fibers.
On Being a Maker:

Idle hands are tool of the devil, or so I’m told. I never have to think about the devil because I am too busy making stuff. I’ve sewn all my life, thanks to my home-ec teacher mom. I dug clay out of the post war house foundations being dug in my neighborhood. I wove long grasses from the yard into little baskets, and I made dollhouses out of the dresser drawers, all decorated and furnished. I studied art in high school and found that it was a subject I could get lost in and continued on to major in art in college and finally going to graduate school to teach art. I loved teaching and eventually traveled all over the country teaching quilt workshops and lecturing. Under the guise of learning about quilting I was actually teaching basic art principles.

Process is the most important part of art for me- I love manipulating materials and finding myself hours later with no sense of where the time went. I love ‘the zone’ that allows free associations to develop. Things proceed at their own speed and sometimes I don’t even remember making them, but they are most assuredly from me. My attachment ends the day I finish a project, and I am on to the next. I have never in my life known what it is to be bored- I hear it’s awful.

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