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Saori Santa Cruz

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Saori Santa Cruz

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Not one to be mediocre or to conform in my fiber art work, working with fibers is the most peaceful of my art mediums. Winning national awards from 11yrs and up my my art transformed and grew to current pieces that one can wear, carry, view, give. A BFA in fine arts, and a k-12 teaching credential in art led me to teach clothing construction, weaving, spinning, knitting, and dyeing, all from an artist’s point of view.

I weave using Saori weaving looms and equipment and I am an authorized saori looms and equipment sales studio, as well as a Saori weaving studio.

The “SA” of Saori’s meaning is ZEN for respecting everyone’s unique abilites,while “ORI” means weaving. Saori weaving is a meditation in letting go, accepting “mistakes” not as flaws but as celebrations of humanness.

“a peaceful life must include fiber”

Jill Nickolene Sanders
peaceful weaving



Saori Santa Cruz is a Saori weaving studio dedicated to help develop an individual’s creativity through weaving. Classes offer improvisation, original and unique techniques that help a student find their true expression. Self-discovery using looms, fiber and sewing machines are available to all students. Empowering you to design and sew garments using free form Saori weaving. Freeing the inner self with original style, sparking initiative, and a conviction to help you discover your unique individuality is what Saori philosophy is about. Honest weaving, no rules weaving, joyful weaving.


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