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Sara Lechner

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Sarah Lechner

Sarah Lechner


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I’m a textile investigator, detective and discoverer. I mean that I am always trying to combine techniques I know and to find new outcomes.

I like to use a combination of sewing, embroidery, felting, crochet, knitting, drawing, printing, dyeing (with chemical and natural dyes – nowadays I only use the latter ones), etc. etc.

I am inspired by romanic art and mostly figural art from different civilizations. Because I was born in Argentina, I also have a close relationship with jesuitic and native art. I can’t make a work without a face somewhere…

I live in Argentina now after living 42 years in Austria where my 7 children live now. I teach in Argentina and in Europe and wherever I am invited to do it.

I like to travel and I exhibited my work and gave workshops all around Europe.

I appeared in articles in many international magazines and wrote a book with pictures of my work.

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