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Selçuki&Ali - Istanbul, Turkey

Selçuki&Ali – Istanbul, Turkey





Selçuki&Ali transforms the traditional fiber art into unique fashion, interior and soft home-textile products through innovative production methods. Wholly handcrafted products made of natural fibers come into existence in environmentally friendly designs with the magic touch of Selçuki&Ali. The brand adopts green and slow fashion trends achieving a “timeless elegance” with solutions specific to people and space.


Creator of  Selçuki&Ali, Mr. Dr. Selçuk Gürışık is a prominent name in the international arena in this field.  Selçuki&Ali is the result of partnership of Gürışık, whose experimental studies on fiber art have been continuing for more than 30 years, and Mr. Ali Alev. This strong collaboration brings a different breath of fresh air to fiber art and fashion.


Selçuki&Ali uses hand-woven wool, vual, silk, fibre, chiffon, cashmere, bamboo, felted stripes, digital printed silk sateen.


Selçuki&Ali is a member of the International FeltMakers Association.

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