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Shannon Weber

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Shannon Weber - Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA

Shannon Weber – Cottage Grove, Oregon, USA


Shannon Weber is known as a tenacious maker and designer of “One-of-a-Kind” woven objects and mixed media sculpture. Her avant-garde style of using obscure materials such as sea kelp, burnt wood, rocks, and vintage game board pieces along with other local finds such as rusted metal found along the side of the road, all find their way into her two well-known designs of wild color, and earth work forms. Shannon is enthralled with surface layers and texture, with some of her most notable techniques appearing in the complexity of mixing 3 to 9 layers of stitching, weaving, wax, hand painted acrylic layers and cold connections.

Shannon notes, “I find that I am most amused and inspired by observing nature in the simplest ways such as grass waving in the wind to collecting coastal debris while the waves crash around me. Any given day in nature can open a new dialogue to a new body of work.”

Weber’s works are exhibited broadly and have won awards of excellence at both regional and national venues such as; Fiber National at the Lancaster Museum of Art; Carol Duke award at the Bellevue Art Museum Festival; Art in the Pearl in Portland and are held in both public and private collections. Her work has been added to the permanent collections of the Mulvane Art Museum among others, and most recently to the Encaustic Art Institute. Her work has also been seen and featured in publications about fine crafts and fiber such as Fiber Art Now, American Style, Fiberarts, American Museum, and NW Artisan.

Shannon currently lives in Cottage Grove, Oregon where she maintains a full time studio.


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    I would like to purchase the work of Shanon Weber. Where can I find her pieces for sale?

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