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Sharon V Rotz

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Sharon V Rotz

Sharon V Rotz – Mosinee, Wisconsin, USA





Textile artist Sharon V. Rotz lives in central Wisconsin. A Home Economics Education graduate of the UW-Stout, Sharon has worked in many areas of related to fabrics. After discovering quilting, she found a home and never looked back. Sharon lectures, teaches workshops and has written several quilting books and patterns. In addition to private collections, her textile art has been purchased by hospitals, corporations and hangs in several WI State Office Buildings and UW-Madison Campus Facilities.


I would have never become a fiber artist if I would have learned to listen and follow instructions. Instead, it seems deviating off the path is my forte. In lieu of following the directed techniques, my mind is overwhelmed with so many other paths to follow. If one trail has already been taken, why go there? I am pulled in a new direction, exploring the unknown and finding a new, more exciting path.

The history of quilting as the art form of women is important and traditional quilting elements are included in my work. They are combined with the clean lines of sculpture and strong graphic influences. With a background in tailoring and clothing construction, attention to technical aspects, small details and clean finishes is ingrained.

I find great joy in working with fabric, the textures, the patterns and most of all, the colors. Every crayon in the box is my favorite and I find the upmost pleasure in putting them together in stimulating combinations.

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    I discovered your gold cattails quilt on Pinterest and had to let you know how amazing it is. I so seldom am moved enough by any piece of art to leave a comment, but I like everything about your piece…the composition, the colors, the quilting. It’s a really outstanding work.

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