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Shea Wilkinson, Textile Artist - Omaha, Nebraska, USA

Shea Wilkinson, Textile Artist – Omaha, Nebraska, USA





I am a fiber artist specializing in art quilts. My pieces are created using free motion quilting, and some hand-embroidery, and they can be both two-and-three dimensional. Every series brings a change in direction, both thematically and technically. I have always been interested in unexplained phenomena and the “supernatural,” but in addition, I like to explore the natural world through the lens of science. The scale at which it can show the world, both macro and micro, is very akin to science fictional representations of alien planets and beings. The thin boundary between imaginative and real is one that I try to exploit. That has led me to create series about extraterrestrial encounters, serpent mythology, and strange beings inscribed on ancient cave walls, as well as x-ray contour maps of space, microscopic images of plant cross-sections, and atlases based on hand-drawn maps.  There really is no limit to what might interest me intellectually, and that is reflected in my body of work. My practice is particularly oriented towards exhibition, and I’m always looking to expand the venues and artists that I work with.


I began my art practice in 2012, after returning from living abroad for two years. During my time away from home, I became very passionate about making art quilts. I immediately began to exhibit locally, and then nationally. I have shown my work in many national juried exhibitions, including Craft Forms, Fantastic FibersMaterials: Hard & Soft, Focus Fiber, and Artist as Quiltmaker. In addition, my work has been shown in the Textile Museum in Washington, D.C. and I have received the James Renwick Alliance’s Chrysalis Award, given to a distinguished emerging artist.


I am a Juried Artist Member of the Studio Art Quilt Associates, and a member of Surface Design Association, Friends of Fiber Art International, James Renwick Alliance and the American Craft Council.

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